Worker’s Compensation

Individuals are injured at their place of employment every day. Some injuries are minor and a band-aid will provide a quick resolution, while others can be much more serious and even be life threatening or permanently change a persons quality of life.
Under California’s Exclusive Remedy Rule, employees are specifically limited to recovery through Workers Compensation unless there is a claim against a third party as well. Workers Compensation has become an extremely complicated area of law, dominated by billion dollar insurance companies.

At Bonnici Law Group we work with you to even the odds, and protect Southern California’s Blue and White Collared workers from these conglomerate insurance companies. There’s no doubt that the insurance company will hire a lawyer in attempts to steam roll unrepresented individuals unfamiliar with their rights and legal entitlements – even the score and hire your own lawyer.

Work injuries can often come in two forms, and many individuals often are unaware they have a valid claim.  There are the obvious injuries that occur from a specific incident such as a slip and fall, lifting an object and immediately sustaining injury, or even a motor vehicle collision while on the job.  The second type of injury, however, is not so obvious and immediate. These injuries are known in the Workers Compensation arena as Cumulative Trauma claims, meaning they do not occur from a specific incident or event, but rather over a period of time from repetitive movement. These types of injuries can be onset by the demanding job tasks such as repetitive lifting and hauling in a construction job or something as simple as typing on a keyboard everyday.

Without knowledge of your rights under Workers Compensation, you can be left paying out-of-pocket to seek medical attention, when the employer has already paid into an insurance plan to cover work injuries as required by law.  Those with private health insurance policies may be left paying unnecessary deductibles and co-payments for office visits.  We don’t believe an individual should be responsible for any costs associated with an on the job injury.

Anytime a work injury requires medical attention, you should seriously consider obtaining legal representation.  At Bonnici Law Group our attorneys will schedule a free consultation for you, answer all your questions, and provide you legal counseling on your best options for you and your family.  It is much better to obtain legal counseling sooner rather than later, as it’s much easier for our attorneys to keep everything running smoothly from the start, rather than having to correct mistakes made by those without legal experience trying to handle matters themselves or individuals with inadequate representation.

There are no out of pocket expenses in obtaining our professional legal representation for your work injury.  We represent clients on a contingency fee agreement, meaning we don’t collect fees until we resolve your claim. Thus, if there is no recovery, we take nothing.  We have every incentive to get you the highest recovery you deserve.

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