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Bicycle Accidents

What to Do if the Police Report is Against You, the Cyclist

There are times where the police report is filed against the cyclist, even though the cyclist may disagree with the outcome. If this happens to you, the cyclist, what should you do? You have to be careful with how you handle the situation because what you do in the immediate aftermath of the accident may have a big impact on the results of the report.

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5 Safety Tips for Cycling in the Rain

Most of us are fair-weather cyclists, especially here in southern California, where it’s sunny most of the year. However, rainy season still hits us, and cycling under those conditions does require extra safety precautions. When bad weather strikes, you can ensure a safer ride by doing a couple of different things. Check out these 5 safety tips for cycling in the rain.

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Why Bicyclists Should Ride With a Camera

Many cyclists have been run off the road or were a victim of road rage at one point in time. One of the main reasons why bicyclists should ride with a camera is because it can be challenging to prove who was liable in an accident. The drive may be convinced it was the cyclist's fault, or they may have fled the scene altogether.

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Where You Can Legally Ride on the Road

While some roads have clearly marked bike lanes, others may leave you wondering where you can legally ride on the road. What if there's no bike lane or shoulder? The answer to this question depends on many different factors. It can be confusing not only for cyclists but also for motor vehicle drivers, insurance companies, and police officers.

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How To Tell If You Have the Best Bike Lawyer for Your Case

When hiring a bike lawyer, it's easy to become overwhelmed trying to find the right fit for you and your case. If you want to get the compensation you deserve, there are a couple of different questions you can ask during your initial consultation. After going through an accident, financial stress is the last thing you need.

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7 Steps to Resolving a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

Have you ever wondered what steps are needed for resolving a bicycle accident lawsuit? When cyclists have an accident, many don’t know what procedure to take after the accident. Due to this, when cyclists take on a lawsuit, it becomes more difficult to get compensation due to lack of documentation and proof. That is why this blog will go over the 7 steps to resolving a bicycle accident lawsuit so that you have a higher chance of success.

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