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Over 1,000 people have come to us for legal help, looking for a personal injury lawyer, disability insurance attorney, or bicycle accident attorney. Read our customers reviews of Bonnici Law Group, Inc to learn how we changed their world.

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How Josh Expertly Navigated My Disability Insurance Appeal

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Josh on my appeal process, specifically for my disability claims, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He stepped in when I needed him most, demonstrating unwavering support and expertise throughout the complex journey of dealing with my insurer. Josh’s ability to navigate the intricacies of insurance law, especially in the context of disability claims, was impressive and reassuring. Disabled plaintiffs, in particular, need someone who truly understands the challenges and legal nuances we face, and Josh is that person. Insurance companies often play hardball and neglect to do what is right, but Josh’s in-depth knowledge of the law, including recent changes, sets him apart. Moreover, Josh genuinely cares about his clients. His dedication to achieving the best possible outcome was evident in every interaction. If you have the opportunity to have Josh represent you, consider yourself fortunate. He is a true advocate who combines legal expertise with heartfelt compassion. Thank you, Josh, for all your hard work and for being there when it mattered most.”

– Paul H.

Genuine & Honest

“I was referred to Josh Bonnici thru my chiropractor after an accident I was involved in. I had never had to get an attorney before so being my first time he explained everything thoroughly so I can understand the process. He is hands down so great at what he does & always keeps in contact to keep you updated on your case. I am so happy with the honesty, and the way my case got taken care of by Josh. As well as thankful for his staff for keeping in touch whenever he was out of the office.
If you need an Attorney that is Genuine & Honest and has your best interest at heart, don’t hesitate to call Bonnici Law Group. You will be taken care of! Thank you again Bonnici Law Group I am so thankful to have found you!”

– Viviana C.

Professionalism, Quality

“Josh’s group really took great care of me and walked me through how to deal with everything after being struck by a car. I would have been totally lost without them! I hope to never take on another bicycle-vs-vehicle incident again, but if it does happen I know who to go to.”

– Jason Abutin

 Outstanding Job Done!

“I would like to commend Freyja Wolken and Devin of Bonnici Law Group for an outstanding job done on my husband’s appeal for long term disability benefits. She was calm, knowledgable, personable, and kept us notified every step of the way. She removed all of the stress we had been going through, as we tried to navigate this long tedious process. Thank you again Freyja, Devin and Bonnici Law Group !”

– Brenda S.

Highly recommended and deeply appreciated!

“I cannot say enough about Josh and his great team!!! They were patient and understanding, effortlessly. They made sure I understood the process and what was required of me and why. They were informative and even ‘interpreted’ some of the legalese that I didn’t understand as a lay person without making me feel dumb.

I am beyond pleased with the outcome and will be recommending Josh and his team to EVERYONE that I hear needs a personal injury attorney – THAT CARES and will explain the process.

Highly recommended and deeply appreciated! This was the BEST referral EVER!!!”

– Elle H.

The Bonnici Law firm support on all fronts!

“After have been hit by a motor vehicle while on a morning training ride. I was under the shock and very confused about what had just took place. I had just survived a potentially life ending episode, but fortunately made it through the other side, and yet, I had no idea on what the next step to get healthy was.
I called The Bonnici law group on my way to the ER and Attorney Josh Bonnici called me back with in minutes.
He immediately made me feel more calm and taken care of. He laid out all the potential steps ahead and reassure me that I wasn’t alone through this process.
The days, weeks, and months after the accident where a huge struggle, both physically but mostly psychologically.
Having the Bonnici Law group team walk me through every step was not only reassuring, but also a monumental peace of mind in a chaotic and challenging period of my life as a cyclist, but as a person in general.
We chatted regularly for very long periods on the phone through out this process. We bonded in a very personal way, witch truly made a huge difference while I was doing PT and other session with a great phycologist.
The trauma had left deep scares in my left knee and lower back, but my mental health had taken a much bigger hit than I could have ever imagine.
The financial repercussions cough up with our small family business and day to day life.
If it wasn’t for the Bonnici Law firm and Josh Bonnici support on all fronts, things would be pretty challenging today.
A year and half have passed, I am back training on the bike, getting healthy and strong again. The logistics and financial obstacles are behind us now, and I have the thank Josh Bonnici and his team for that.”

– Sandro C.