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Motor Vehicle Accident

In the United States, millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. With our roads and freeways crowded with traffic, San Diego is no stranger to car crashes. Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by another person’s reckless actions or inattentiveness on the road. Drivers must use care to avoid injuring passengers, other motorists, or pedestrians. When the driver is not reasonably careful and injures someone, they may be financially liable for the victim’s injury.

Motor vehicle accident victims may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Physical injuries
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses

Man injured in motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accidents can range from a minor fender bender to a serious head-on collision. No matter the severity of the accident, victims can sustain severe injuries that cause physical, mental, and financial harm. Even something seemingly minor such as getting rear-ended, can lead to spinal cord injuries or severe whiplash that results in medical bills and time spent unable to work and earn a living.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, you may have suffered significant personal injuries and financial loss. Insurance companies may try and give you a low-ball settlement that is nowhere close to the monetary compensation you need to recover. You want to partner with a skilled and experienced lawyer who will work hard to get the compensation you deserve. Contact Bonnici Law Group today by giving us a call at (619) 259-5199, or you can sign up for a free consultation on our website. Our team will protect your rights and fight for you throughout the legal process.

Motor vehicle accident
704, 2021

Brain Injury

April 7, 2021|Categories: Area of Focus|

Impacts to the head can cause traumatic brain injury resulting in memory loss, behavioral change, and cognitive impairment. These injuries can result from slip-and-fall accidents, car accidents, assaults, pedestrian accidents, and many other incidents. It can cause long-term and debilitating symptoms for the victim.

704, 2021

Slip-and-Fall Injury

April 7, 2021|Categories: Area of Focus|

A slip-and-fall injury can occur due to the negligence of another person. These injuries fall under the umbrella of "premises liability" and can result in severe physical damage. Property owners must be responsible for caring for the safety of their visitors and residents.

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