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Concussions are a type of brain injury that is not uncommon in motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults, and other types of accidents. It usually occurs after a blow to the head or from being violently shaken. Most people think of concussions during boxing matches or football games and don't consider them very dangerous.

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Brain Injury

Impacts to the head can cause traumatic brain injury resulting in memory loss, behavioral change, and cognitive impairment. These injuries can result from slip-and-fall accidents, car accidents, assaults, pedestrian accidents, and many other incidents. It can cause long-term and debilitating symptoms for the victim.

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Dog Bites

Dog bites can be extremely harmful. It's especially dangerous for children who often suffer the most as they're much more vulnerable to injuries and don't have the physical ability to defend themselves. Local and state laws require owners to take precautions to ensure their dog doesn't hurt anyone.

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Pedestrian Accident

Walking around the city is a great way to stay active, get some fresh air, and help the environment. However, pedestrians are vulnerable to negligent drivers and have no protection from injury. A driver's careless mistake could cause serious life-changing injuries. Even when cars are driving at relatively low speeds, pedestrians can suffer traumatic damages.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be absolutely devastating. One moment you're on the open road enjoying the San Diego sunshine, and next, your facing months of physical rehabilitation while struggling to pay your enormous medical debt. Motorcycles are regarded as automobiles under the law and have the same general rules applied to them.

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Bicycle Accidents

Biking is an extremely popular sport in San Diego. It serves as an eco-friendly way to get around the city, save on gas, commute to work, and get some exercise. Unfortunately, motor vehicle drivers are not always careful around cyclists, with thousands of bicycle accidents occurring every year in the United States.

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