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bike-lane-1-300x245 Bike Lawyer San DiegoThe sport of road cycling is one of the best ways to see our beautiful city of San Diego, but also one of the more dangerous. Every day cyclists are hurt when hit by distracted motorists, or drivers who push the limits on safety with acts of road-rage or lack of knowledge regarding cyclist’s rights on the road.

At Bonnici Law Group, we get it – because we ride, too.


Bike lawyer Josh Bonnici has been riding San Diego’s roads and trails since his teenage-years, and is San Diego’s advocate for riders. Whether it’s representing a cyclist hit by an uninsured driver who pulled out in front of a training racer, clipped a commuter in the bike lane, or representing a large group of riders who had their bikes confiscated on the local mountain biking trails, Josh Bonnici continues to be the voice for cyclists who need legal representation.


bike-lawyer-300x198 Bike Lawyer San Diego
Josh rolling down a boulder on his Santa Cruz Blur LT at Sweetwater Lakes in Bonita, CA. (Photo credit: Bonita Biker, Jose Galaz).

We Speak Bicycle

While we don’t speak Italian or French, we speak bike. When you’re trying to negotiate with an insurance company to get your bike repaired, or payment for a new frame when your carbon tri-bike goes down, you might as well be speaking a foreign language to them. We’ve dealt with them before, and have already encountered and overcome the 100 roadblocks you will encounter. Let us explain the process of replacing carbon parts, valuing your full-suspension trail bike, or your hand-built single speed bike.

Check out our dedicated website to everything cycling in San Diego: www.socalbikeadvocates.com

bike-beach-225x300 Bike Lawyer San Diego
Josh’s Fuji Roubaix 1.0 at the bottom of Torrey Pines Reserve.

We’ll Get You Back to Training… and Even Make You Faster!

As experienced injury attorneys and bike lawyers, we have contacts throughout the County to treat your unique injuries to get you back on the saddle ASAP. We have relationships with facilities run by other cyclists, so they understand your goals and can help you get back riding, and ride even faster and longer! Ask how we can even forgo your health insurance co-pays and delay some out-of-pocket expenses while you recover!

Hire a Bike Lawyer who Rides
What better way to understand your specific case than a bike lawyer who spends his free time riding all over Southern California. During and after representation, let’s share favorite riding destinations, loops, and riding groups. Who knew that hiring an attorney could be fun and benefit your hobby?


“As a cyclist myself, I know the struggle of injuries on the bike, but also the struggle of missing out on riding because of an accident. I fight the insurance companies to insist you’re treated fairly, and make sure you get what you deserve. And also just as important, get back to riding soon!” — Josh Bonnici, Attorney & Cyclist 

We Donate to Help The Cause
After making sure you get all the help you need, we will donate a portion of our attorney fees to a local charity or non-profit of your choice. Want to help disabled veterans get access to customized bicycles to accommodate their injuries? Provide helmets for underprivileged children at local schools? Point us in the direction of your favorite local charity (cycle-centric or not) and we’ll be happy to help the cause.


As a fellow cyclist in the community, you will always get free advice from our office. We offer a free consult to any cyclist in need of help. And not just a 5-minute phone call explaining how hard we work and how you’re helpless without us – but time to explain the process, point you in the direction of help and discuss whether representation is necessary.


Call, Email, or Ride Over!

Contact us to learn more, schedule a consult, or swap pictures of our bikes. Because believe us, we have plenty…

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Ride, Stay Safe, and Have Fun!