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Car Accidents

If I Don’t Take an Ambulance After an Accident, Does it Mean I Don’t Have a Case?

While taking an ambulance is a given when you're severely injured, should you take one if your injury isn’t that serious? While many people choose to skip the ambulance due to its high cost, is it really worth it? Will it affect your case? Keep on reading to find out.

fotex2022-01-05T13:37:32-08:00January 5, 2022|Car Accidents, On the Road, Personal Injury Claim|0 Comments

The Dos and Don’ts of Corresponding with an Auto Insurance Adjuster

If you plan on taking action following a car crash, you will most likely not be dealing with the liable motorist. Instead, you'll be dealing with their insurance carrier. Because California is an “at-fault” state, car accident victims are entitled to file a third-party claim with the reckless driver’s insurer.

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Can I Collect Disability Benefits Even Though I’m Claiming Lost Earnings in My Case?

Have you recently been injured or are currently disabled and want to know if you are eligible to collect disability benefits, even though you're claiming lost earnings in your case? Our professional lawyers at Bonnici Law Group can happily assist our customers with any of their cases.

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Do Car Accident Settlements Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

When a car accident takes place, no matter whether it’s a serious collision or a minor fender-bender, people end up with some form of injury. The most common car accident injuries in California include spine, neck, and soft muscle injuries. Chiropractic care can be really beneficial in helping people recuperate from the ongoing pain from their injuries. One of the most common questions California drivers ask is: do car accident settlements cover chiropractic treatment? The short answer is yes. This blog will go over everything you need to know to get car accident settlements to cover your chiropractic care.

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Does Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver in California?

When it comes to car insurance, figuring out when you are and aren’t covered by your auto insurance can be confusing. One of the biggest questions Californians have about auto insurance is whether the insurance covers the person driving the vehicle or whether it sticks with the car(s) listed on the policy. As with most car insurance-related questions, the answer can be complicated. This blog will go over whether insurance follows the car or the driver in California.

fotex2021-01-11T11:08:01-08:00January 11, 2021|Car Accidents|0 Comments
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