What is a Vocational Assessment and How Does It Impact Long-Term Disability Benefits?

What is a Vocational Assessment and How Does It Impact Long-Term Disability Benefits?

A vocational assessment consists of an evaluation of your education, background, and skills, the requirements and demands of your occupation and specific position, and the nature of your disabling medication conditions. A vocational expert reviews various documents, such as job description, resume, educational records, and medical records, in order to create a vocational assessment. The process of developing a vocational assessment also necessitates usage of various vocational resources and experiences to fully explain your inability to work based on your medical conditions.

Ultimately, a vocational assessment functions as an expert opinion about your ability to perform your own occupation or any other occupations. The assessment is based on a comprehensive analysis of your job duties and responsibilities and your inability to meet those demands due to your medical conditions.

This analysis is likely to be far more thorough and accurate in terms of explaining your current level of performance, job skills, medical conditions, and the requirements of your job. An assessment will give more information to the insurance company that they can get by simply looking at copies of your job description and resume. Furthermore, the assessment will explain specifically why and how you can no longer meet the requirements of your occupation.

The goal of a vocational assessment often is to objectively prove that you cannot perform at least one required function of your job due to your disabling conditions. There is no requirement that you prove yourself unable to perform any or all of the required functions of your job; it often is sufficient to qualify for benefits if you cannot perform or complete at least one major job requirement. A vocational assessment can be a useful tool in demonstrating your inability to work and eligibility for long-term disability benefits. In this situation, you need legal advice about all the potential means of building and maintaining the most effective ERISA long-term disability claim possible and guidance as to the pitfalls to avoid. Bonnici Law Group provides skilled, aggressive legal representation on a regular basis for individuals who are seeking long-term disability benefits under insurance policies governed by ERISA. Our priority is to represent your interests and protect your rights to the benefits that you deserve. Call us at 619-259-5199 and schedule an appointment to meet with us about your case today. Accent 3

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