What Amount of LTD Benefits Will I Receive if My Claim is Approved?

What Amount of LTD Benefits Will I Receive if My Claim is Approved?

Long-term disability or LTD benefits differ according to each policy. Generally, however, LTD benefits consist of a set percentage of your salary. That percentage usually ranges from 50 to 60% of your regular salary, but the exact percentage depends on the language in your policy.

Some policies contain a provision for residual or partial disability benefits. These benefits may be available if you are disabled, but still able to work, perhaps part-time or on a schedule of reduced hours. To qualify for these benefits, you typically must have a reduction in your pay as a result of your disability, which is at least a 20% reduction and a reduction in your hours worked. Insurance companies often calculate residual disability benefits differently than total disability benefits. As a result, you will need to look at your policy to determine how much your benefit amount will be.

The duration of benefits is another factor that may vary according to each policy. Some LTD benefits only last for a specific number of years. Other LTD benefits are limited in duration based on the type of disability involved. For instance, many LTD policies contain a nervous/mental limitation that only allows the payment of benefits based on a mental or psychological condition for one or two years. Other policies may pay benefits until you can return to work or until you reach retirement age.

Most LTD policies also have an elimination period, which is a period in which you are ineligible for benefits, even if you are disabled during that period. An average elimination period lasts about 90 days but may be longer, depending on the policy.

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