Typical Forms to Submit in an Initial LTD Benefits Claim

Typical Forms to Submit in an Initial LTD Benefits Claim

All insurance companies offering long-term disability benefits require you to fill out various forms and submit specific information to determine your eligibility benefits. While these forms may differ somewhat from one insurer to the next, some forms are standard to all initial LTD benefits claims.

Claimant Statement

The claimant statement allows you to explain the nature of your disabling medical conditions and how they affect your everyday life. You must explain why you feel that you are disabled and describe what things that you formerly could do that your disability no longer allows you to do. You also will give information in your claimant statement about the income that you receive and the sources of those benefits.

Attending Physician Statement

Your doctor fills out the attending physician statement for the insurance company. The form typically requires your doctor to list your medical conditions and symptoms, as well as describe your treatment plan. Your doctor also can give information on the limitations that your medical conditions cause and your future prognosis. There may be separate attending physician statement forms for physical restrictions and mental or cognitive restrictions.

Employer Statement

An employer statement is a form for your employer to fill out. This statement generally asks for a description of the duties of your job, your salary, and the last date that you worked.

Your insurance company may require additional forms, depending on the requirements of the policy. You also must complete updated forms to reflect any changes in your medical conditions, symptoms, or prognosis. Changes might require you to complete an updated claimant’s statement form and your doctor to complete an updated attending physician’s statement form.

Obtaining long-term disability coverage can be essential to protecting your future. When you initiate a claim under this coverage, however, you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities, which may necessitate the assistance of legal counsel. At Bonnici Law Group, we offer you client-centered representation at all stages of the long-term disability benefit claims process. When you need the kind of help that only an experienced long-term disability benefits attorney can offer you, contact Bonnici Law Group at 619-259-5199 or help@bonnicilawgroup.com

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