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The Dos and Don’ts of Corresponding with an Auto Insurance Adjuster

The Dos and Don’ts of Corresponding with an Auto Insurance Adjuster

If you plan on taking action following a car crash, you will most likely not be dealing with the liable motorist. Instead, you’ll be dealing with their insurance carrier. Because California is an “at-fault” state, car accident victims are entitled to file a third-party claim with the reckless driver’s insurer. This is why the Golden State requires that all motorists purchase liability coverage. In order to secure compensation, they have to convince the insurance adjuster that they actually – and legally – deserve it. If you’re wondering how to go about doing this, don’t worry! We compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts of corresponding with an auto insurance adjuster below:

1. Assume They’ll Monitor Your Social Media Activity

At the end of the day, insurance carriers want to protect their bottom line. This means rejecting—if not reducing the value of—as many claims as possible. However, they can face litigation for acting in bad faith, so they must justify all of their denials. As such, insurance adjusters are always looking for faults and reasons to challenge the claimant’s credibility. One of the most common ways they look for a discrepancy is by observing the person’s online activity. So, it is advisable that you stay off your social media while your case is pending! 

2. Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

The insurance adjuster will likely ask for a recorded statement fairly after you commence the proceedings. If you speak on the cause of the accident before the investigation is complete, it could end up hurting your claim. If there are any inconsistencies between what you say ”on the record” and what turns out to be true, the insurance carrier will use them to their advantage. If you intend on hiring a personal injury attorney for your case, they will usually handle this for you. 

3. Refer Them to Your Legal Team

Once you enlist legal assistance, it’s smart to avoid corresponding with the insurance adjuster completely. Instead, give your personal injury attorney’s contact information to them. Ask them to communicate with your lawyer exclusively for all inquiries moving forward. Insurance carriers try to take advantage of people’s lack of expertise, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of an experienced professional. 

4. Don’t Accept the First Offer

While there are always exceptions to any given situation, it’s typically advisable to reject the carrier’s first cash offer. No matter how exciting it may seem, there’s a reasonable chance it does not account for all the losses you’ve incurred. If you think about it, why would the insurance adjuster be so inclined to settle early on – often before you are done treating or healing from the accident? The wisest way to ensure that you’re seeking the highest payout possible is by consulting with an experienced attorney. A strategic lawyer will handle all the negotiations effectively on your behalf. They’ll ensure that you do not accept anything less than what you deserve.

Corresponding with an auto insurance adjuster is no simple task. That’s why it’s astute that you work with a professional that understands the ins and outs of these legal processes. We hope this blog helped you understand the dos and don’ts of corresponding with an auto insurance adjuster. If you’ve been in a car accident and are looking to get the max compensation possible, Bonnici Law Group is the attorney team you need by your side! Give us a call at (619) 259-5199 or click here for a free consultation!

The Dos and Don'ts of Corresponding with an Auto Insurance Adjuster
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