Study Shows Cities with High Bicycling Rates Are Safer for All Road Users

Study Shows Cities with High Bicycling Rates Are Safer for All Road Users

The authors of a study published last year in the Journal of Transport & Health conclude that based on the evidence that they gathered, cities with high bicycling rates tend to be safer not just for bicyclists, but for everyone traveling on city streets. Evidence from this study supports this conclusion even though bicycling is far more dangerous than riding in a motor vehicle.

The study gathered 13 years of data from 12 large U.S. cities, including cases of traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries. Overall, the data indicate that a greater prevalence of bike facilities, especially when they are protected and separated from other road users, as well as higher intersection density, contributes to better road safety outcomes for all road users.

The researchers from the University of Colorado Denver and the University of New Mexico studied cities that included Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle between 2000 and 2012. All cities that were part of the study experienced increased bicycling rates as they built more infrastructure to support cyclists.

One key finding of the study was that cities that erected physical barriers between lanes of traffic and bike lanes significantly reduced the fatality rate from traffic accidents. These barriers were far more effective than the shared lanes or painted lines designed to separate vehicle lanes from bike lanes. On average, physical barriers separating bike lanes from the rest of traffic could result in as much as 44% fewer deaths and 50% fewer serious injuries. In several cities in which cycling increased substantially, fatal crash rates dropped from 38% to 75%, depending on the city.

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