Southern CA Focuses on Bike Lanes Instead of New Roads

Southern CA Focuses on Bike Lanes Instead of New Roads

A recent trend in Southern California transportation development consists of building protected bike lanes, or cycle tracks, instead of building more roads. Permanent barriers separate bike lanes from regular roads and independent traffic signals control the bicycle movement through the lanes. According to a recent report in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the city of Pasadena is about two years away from building its first protected bike lane.

The benefits of these bike lanes are many. With growing concern over global climate change, which already has led to hotter summers, more wildfires, and lengthier periods of drought, transportation experts hope to encourage individuals to swap their vehicles for bikes to reduce greenhouse gases. Since the average car trip is only about one mile, cycling that short distance is easy to do for most.

California communities are pushing the protected bike lanes as a means of complying with a state law that requires greenhouse gas emissions statewide to fall 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. Since motor vehicles are a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emission rates, many believe that it makes sense to focus on decreased motor vehicle usage as much as possible. The protected bike lanes also may be safer for bike riders in many instances and are advantageous for those Californians who do not have access to cars.

Nonetheless, getting entire communities to change their views on this often-controversial topic. Some are unwilling to make the switch, and others criticize the bike lanes for further increasing traffic, as building bike lanes may narrow or even eliminate vehicle lanes in some instances. Others find that the bike lanes that have been built so far don’t connect to the places that they need to go, such as schools, colleges, and workplaces.

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