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Reporting a Car Accident

Reporting a Car Accident

Some clients often ask whether they have to actually report a car accident to their insurance. This happens when a driver thinks, “If it wasn’t my fault, why should my insurance company get involved?”

Most insurance policies require you to report any accident within 24 hours, but usually, seven days can be sufficient. Many parts of your policy can help out in an accident case, even if you aren’t at fault, to make sure you get everything you need, that any out-of-pocket payments are reimbursed, or to make sure you have help just in case the other party doesn’t have insurance. We always make sure to report the accident for our clients so they don’t have to.

Your insurance rates should not be affected if you are not at fault. These are voluntary types of policies you pay in case this instance comes up, so it is always nice to have them because they help out.

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Reporting a Car Accident
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