Only Four in Ten Americans Have Disability Insurance Coverage Through Employers

Only Four in Ten Americans Have Disability Insurance Coverage Through Employers

The Harris Poll on behalf of OneAmerica recently conducted a poll of American workers to determine if they had disability insurance coverage through their employers. The upside of the poll is that about 41% of Americans have access to employer-sponsored disability insurance coverage. The bad news, however, is that only about 24% of working Americans opt to pay for voluntary disability insurance.

The 64% of working Americans who have no voluntary disability coverage do not have it for various reasons. For 47% of those workers, their employers do not offer it, although 58% of those workers say that they would opt for coverage if their employers offered it. The remainder of the workers said that they don’t have disability insurance because they: don’t see the value in the coverage (14%), have other obligations or expenses that are higher priorities to them (11%), cannot afford it (12%), and don’t think they need it as they have no health concerns (12%). 

The results of this poll underscore the need to educate working Americans about how valuable short-term and long-term disability benefits can be. Having this coverage if you unexpectedly suffer illness or injury can be crucial for protecting your family, home, and vehicles while you are unable to work. Essentially, disability insurance is a form of protection for your paycheck. Although disability benefits do not typically replace your entire paycheck, they do ensure that you have some income coming in while you are unable to work. Otherwise, financial concerns are likely to arise very swiftly, particularly if you are the main or a significant source of income for your family.

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