Loss of Enjoyment of Life in Bicycle Accidents

Loss of Enjoyment of Life in Bicycle Accidents

Damages in personal injury claims, including those that arise from bicycle accidents, are not limited to economic damages, such as medical expenses. In some cases, injured cyclists may be entitled to pursue damages for other types of losses when another’s negligence has led to their injuries. One potential type of damages in personal injury claims is compensation for “loss of enjoyment of life.”

There is no exact definition as to what constitutes loss of enjoyment of life. Essentially, you suffer from loss of enjoyment of life when you no longer can do something that you enjoy. This loss may result from physical or emotional limitations. For instance, if you enjoyed cycling for fun and exercise, and permanent injuries sustained in a bicycle accident prevent you from physically riding a bike, you can no longer enjoy cycling. Likewise, if you are involved in a serious bicycle accident that has left you physically able to ride a bike, but physically traumatized at the thought of ever riding again, then the accident has caused you to lose your former enjoyment for cycling.

However, it is important to keep in mind that obtaining compensation for loss of enjoyment of life in bicycle accident is not a guarantee. While you very well may have lost the ability to enjoy certain pastimes and activities that you did before as a result of your injuries, you do not automatically receive damages for loss of enjoyment of life in a personal injury claim. In fact, it can be very difficult to quantify this loss in dollars and cents. Evidence in the form of witnesses, proof of past hobbies or records of activities (i.e. Strava recordings of months of consistent cycling prior to the accident) are crucial in showing the after-effect of a bicycle accident.

Furthermore, the extent of your loss may vary. If you no longer are able to ride a bicycle, but you only rode your bicycle about once a month for a few hours, then your potential damages would be much different than for someone who rode a bicycle daily for the past three years.

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