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Long-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability

Regarding long-term disability plans, the question often arises about how many times you can be denied. Realistically, a long-term disability carrier can deny you upon first application, and then an appeal will be necessary.

If you do get on benefits, they’ll usually pay out for about six months and then do a review. During the review, they’ll ask for medical records, talk to your doctor, do some surveillance to make sure you aren’t doing things you shouldn’t be doing, and then determine whether or not you should continue to get benefits. If you continue to get benefits month after month, they’ll usually do another review every six months.

During that time, they can deny you if they feel it is justified. If your medical records and doctors show that you are disabled, you’ll continue to receive your benefits. Still, insurance companies do look for instances to be able to deny claims so they can save money.

If it’s denied, you can submit an appeal to get your benefits back on track, which can sometimes take between 3 and 9 months. If you get back on benefits after an appeal, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be on-claim forever. They can still do a review and deny you again.

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Long-Term Disability Insurance
2703, 2024

Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Long-Term Disability

March 27, 2024|Categories: Law, Long-Term Disability|Tags: |

Long-term disability can be a crucial support system for individuals facing significant challenges due to health issues or injuries. However, not everyone may be aware of the signs that indicate they could be a good candidate for long-term disability benefits.

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