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Long-Term Disability Disqualification

Long-Term Disability Disqualification

Another question we often get is what disqualifies a person from disability?

Generally, disability benefits would be due if you are medically unable to do your job. A lot of policies have pretty common exclusions including if you have a pre-existing condition, meaning that the disability you are suffering from now was also something that you were suffering from and getting treatment for while the policy started in effect. Others might be if the disability occurred while in the commission of a felony, self-inflicted injuries are excluded, or even something that occurred during a riot. There are lots of different exclusions that can happen where insurance companies won’t pay.

It is really important to have an attorney review your disqualification to ensure that it is an adequate exclusion or denial and not just a medical exclusion. If it is a medical denial where the insurance company disagrees with you being too disabled to work, that is always arguable and negotiable. If it is an exclusion according to policy, that’s an extra roadblock you have to overcome.

It comes down to the language in the policy of what is excluded. With any exclusionary type of denial, you have to really read the denial letter and the policy to make sure that they match up.

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Long-Term Disability Disqualification
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