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Long-term Disability Coverage – Do I Have Coverage?

Long-term Disability Coverage – Do I Have Coverage?

One important aspect to always understand when you are applying for long-term disability benefits is you must be employed at the time of your application. This doesn’t mean that you have to be actively working in the office, but you still have to be an employee.

A lot of the time, it is difficult for someone to make the decision to stop working because of their disability and symptoms, but once you decide to do that, make sure you are still an employee. It is best if you are still an employee on FMLA, disability leave, or taking some PTO (paid time off). As long as you apply on a day that you are still employed, your policy should be in effect, and your application should be accepted so you can receive your benefits. When it comes to that decision-making, make sure you look at a timeline and are still employed.

If you have any questions about that as you are going through your claim, feel free to reach out so we can create a timeline and help you out. Give us a call at (619) 259-5199 or click here for a FREE consultation!

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Long-term Disability Coverage - Do I Have Coverage?
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