Is Riding in a Group of Bicyclists Safer than Riding Alone?

Is Riding in a Group of Bicyclists Safer than Riding Alone?

Individuals may differ on the safety of riding a bicyclist in a group as opposed to riding alone. However, some factors may make riding alone somewhat safer than riding in a group, depending on the circumstances.

One major factor that makes riding in a group generally seem safer than riding alone is the fact that you are surrounded by other people when riding in a group. You are less likely to be mugged, hit by a car and left for dead, or be hurt and unable to summon help if you are riding with a group of people. With other people around you, you can be safer from many hazards that can befall a single rider.

Nonetheless, riding in a group and especially a big group, can be hazardous at times. When cyclists are riding together in a tight group, if one rider crashes, several others are likely to crash, as well. Your proximity to other riders also can lead to brushing against one another, swerving, and other maneuvers that lead to crashes. These crashes can result in unexpected injuries that you might not experience if you were riding solo.

A lack of communication among riders also can lead to disaster. If everyone is not clear on the route, if they do not maintain a common speed, or if they do not use hand signals to communicate, crashes may occur. Some riders also abruptly stand up, particularly on climbs, which can be dangerous for riders directly behind them.

Larger group rides also can impede traffic, especially if the group is so large that the riders cannot effectively communicate. This situation can lead to traffic accidents that can impact multiple riders as vehicles attempt to overtake or pass the group.

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