If My Doctor Writes a Letter Stating that I Am Disabled and Unable to Work, Will I Automatically Get My Disability Benefits?

If My Doctor Writes a Letter Stating that I Am Disabled and Unable to Work, Will I Automatically Get My Disability Benefits?

A letter from your doctor won’t ever guarantee that you receive long-term disability benefits, but it can go a long way toward building a stronger claim, if it contains the right kind of information. For example, a short, generic form letter from your doctor that simply gives your diagnosis and a statement that you are unable to work is not likely to have much impact on your pending claim for benefits. A letter like this doesn’t explain why you can’t work to a disability examiner, or how your medical condition specifically affects your ability to perform the duties of your job.

When a physician writes a personalized and detailed letter about your diagnosis and your resulting functional limitations, however, the disability claims examiner may give it much more weight in deciding your claim for long-term disability benefits. Claims examiners are not medical professionals, so they must and should rely on medical professionals to give them detailed information about a claimant’s medical conditions and the impact of those conditions on the claimant’s ability to work. An examiner should accept your treating physician’s medical source statement as true and accurate, since he or she is the medical professional with the most personal and detailed information about your medical conditions.

To the greatest extent possible, your doctor’s statement should give an objective assessment of your physical or mental capacity based on the symptoms that you suffer as a result of your medical conditions. The doctor also should provide medical records and test results that support his or her conclusions about your functional capacity. To assist your doctor in writing a strong statement in support of your claim, you can provide him or her with a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) form. Your doctor can use the form as a guideline in writing a statement on your behalf. When you are facing an issue that is as important as long-term disability benefits, the attorneys at Bonnici Law Group have the skills and knowledge to advise you of all potential options. We know how crucial this support can be to you when you unable to work and we are here to represent your interests throughout any dealings that you must have with your insurance company. For legal advice about your claim, please contact Bonnici Law Group at 619-259-5199 or help@bonnicilawgroup.com.

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