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How to Get Mental Illness Disability Insurance

How to Get Mental Illness Disability Insurance

At Bonnici Law Group, we receive many calls regarding mental illness claims. Whether it’s for anxiety, depression, or some other mental illness, many of those claims are presented for benefits. There are a lot of details within these policies that you have to know before you apply.

For example, in most group claims, mental illness categories are only covered for two years or 24 months. When completing your application, you want to make sure that you have read the policy and understand how long your benefits may last, and do some future planning for what to do if you are only covered for two years. Some policies will go beyond 24 months, but other things have to be shown. If you are looking to apply because of some mental illness, anxiety, or depression, just be aware of those issues.

Attorney Josh Bonnici can walk you through applying or if you have a denial that comes up with some with an anxiety or depression clause. We are happy to walk you through your issue and see if it is something we can help you with. Give us a call at (619) 259-5199 or click here for a FREE consultation!

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How to Get Mental Illness Disability Insurance
1006, 2022

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