How Long Does It Take to Get Long-Term Disability Benefits?

How Long Does It Take to Get Long-Term Disability Benefits?

There is no standard length of time that it takes to complete a successful claim for long-term disability benefits. Factors such as the provisions of your specific insurance policy and your medical conditions can impact the length of time that it takes to process a claim. Furthermore, if the insurer initially denies your claim, going through the appeals process can increase the claims process substantially.

Whether your policy provides for short-term disability benefits also can affect the overall length of time that it takes to process your claim. Some policies require that you use up all available short-term disability benefits before you are eligible to receive long-term disability benefits.

All insurance policies have elimination periods, which refers to the time between the date that you became disabled and the date that you are eligible to begin receiving long-term disability benefits. As a result, you will not receive benefits during the elimination period.

If you have multiple medical conditions and healthcare providers, it may take a significant amount of time for the insurance company to gather all your medical records. The quicker your doctor provides records and fills out a statement for the insurance company, the quicker your claim may be. The insurance company also may require you to undergo further testing or functional capacity examinations before making a decision on your claim for long-term disability benefits.  Your insurer also may request additional medical information from your medical providers after you have submitted your initial information and records. This, too, can lengthen the duration of your claim.

Generally, with respect to an ERISA-governed insurance policy, the insurer must approve or deny your clam for long-term disability insurance benefits within 45 days. However, if the insurer can give you a good reason for doing so, it can request an additional 30 days in which to make a decision. If it requests additional information from you, then it has 30 days from the receipt of that information to issue a determination. Insurance companies often deny initial long-term disability claims, even when you are clearly entitled to benefits. Bonnici Law Group has the experience and knowledge that you need as you seek compensation for your injuries and struggle to recover from them, both physically and emotionally. We know how to help you create and maintain a strong claim for relief supported by the evidence and obtain the best outcome possible in your case. Do not hesitate to contact Bonnici Law Group at 619-259-5199 or help@bonnicilawgroup.com.

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