Does My Long-Term Disability Policy Cover Non-Work Related Injuries?

Does My Long-Term Disability Policy Cover Non-Work Related Injuries?

Long-term disability insurance policies typically cover only injuries or illnesses are non-work related. The state worker’s compensation benefits system covers all work-related illnesses and injuries that occur within the scope of your employment. Worker’s compensation is a different system of benefits funded by premiums paid by your employer to the state. Therefore, ERISA-governed long-term disability policies only address those injuries or illnesses that occur while you are employed, but that are unrelated to your work activities.

Most workers automatically qualify for worker’s compensation benefits through the state, except for a few classes of workers. Long-term disability insurance, on the other hand, may or may not be available through your employer. If your employer offers this coverage, it may be free to you as a part of a larger benefits package, or you may have to pay a separate premium for the coverage. It also is possible to purchase a private long-term disability insurance policy, but these policies often are costly, while employer-provided coverage is much cheaper.

Even though long-term disability insurance policies generally cover non-work related injuries, every policy has different limitations, exclusions, and definitions. These terms govern what benefits you will receive if you become ill or suffer an injury. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a policy that fully covers your needs if you become disabled due to injury or illness.

For instance, some policies provide benefits if your medical condition prohibits you from doing your specific job. Other policies may only offer coverage if your medical condition prevents you from doing any job. Still other policies change this definition of inability to work over time, so you may only be entitled to a limited amount of benefits. This is just one example of the significant differences in coverage that exist between different long-term disability insurance policies.

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