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Do Disability Investigators Follow You Around?

Do Disability Investigators Follow You Around?

By filing an insurance disability claim, a disabled person can apply for financial compensation to receive financial support for themselves and their family. The insurance carrier or claims administrator carefully reviews your claim—checking to affirm that you really do qualify for benefits. This raises the question: Do disability investigators follow you around? In this blog, we will go over several key factors you need to know about insurance surveillance in disability claims and whether disability investigators really follow you around or not.

Do Disability Investigators Follow You Around?

First and foremost, do disability investigators really follow you around? You may have heard some scary stories about how disability insurance companies hire investigators to secretly follow you around to make sure you’re not lying about being disabled. Insurers are usually wary of fraud, so will they really follow you around? In general, disability investigators often follow you around to ensure that your claim is legitimate. While this method may have been heavily used in the past, in today’s day and age, claims administrators often utilize a different method for surveilling individuals, and it’s with social media and background checks. In this digital era we live in, finding out what people are doing is easier than ever with the use of the internet.

Be Careful with What You Post on Social Media

Hiring private investigators is a time-consuming and expensive investment for insurance companies, so it’s more likely that they’ll be investigating you via social media platforms. In the past few years, long-term disability insurance companies have slowly been increasing use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media reviews. If you’re filing a claim for long-term disability benefits, we advise being really careful with what you post. The last thing you want would be to post something that denotes the wrong impression or your state of disability. You should either keep your account private or watch what you post.

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Do Not Be Paranoid—Simply be Aware of Yourself

If we could give you a tip, it would be to NOT be paranoid! Simply do things as you normally would as instructed by your doctors. As long as you’re not doing anything beyond what your doctors have allowed, or what you have told any long-term disability insurance company, you’ll be fine. For the most part, long-term disability carriers do not desire to spy on your every move. While they are generally concerned about disability fraud, as long as you don’t give them an obvious reason to want to further investigate you, there’s no need to be anxious. Going for a walk around the block will not cause you any issues—especially if you’re following your doctor’s guidelines. Though, participating in a physically taxing activity that is beyond what you claimed to be capable of in your disability application is a big red flag.

File for Social Security Disability with Bonnici Law Group

Getting approved for long-term disability benefits can be a huge endeavor—even if you do everything correctly. At Bonnici Law Group, our highly experienced team is focused on helping you secure the financial benefits you rightfully deserve. We will guide you through the process, provide tips, and answer all of your social security disability questions. Helping you get your social security disability insurance is what we’re here for! Give us a call at (858) 261-5454 or click here for a free consultation!

Do Disability Investigators Follow You Around
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