Different Options for Obtaining Long-Term Disability Benefits

Different Options for Obtaining Long-Term Disability Benefits

Long-term disability insurance policies are meant to replace your income if you become disabled and unable to work. While definitions of disability vary from one plan to the next, and each policy is likely to have different restrictions and exclusions, most policies will provide you with a specific percentage of your income to a certain point. Some benefits last until you reach retirement age, whereas others cut off after paying out a particular dollar amount in benefits.

Long-term disability coverage is often available through your employer. These group policies often are less expensive to purchase, and in some cases, employers will foot the bill for all or part of their coverage. California is one of five states to require employers to offer short-term disability insurance, which can fill a temporary gap in the ability to work. Although long-term disability insurance is not necessary for employers to maintain, many employers do offer it as an option to their employees.

If your employer does not offer access to long-term disability benefits, you still may be able to get this crucial coverage in various ways. For instance, if you belong to a professional or trade association, you may be able to get coverage at reasonable rates. Likewise, you can purchase individual long-term disability insurance through any insurance broker or directly from an insurance company. While different policies tend to be more expensive than group policies, their cost often outweighs the benefits that they can offer should you become disabled and unable to earn your regular income.

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