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Can a Lawyer Get Camera Footage of a Car Crash?

You always see it in movies; the perp is arrested, or the final piece of evidence comes to light when the protagonist notices the almost hidden video camera that perfectly captured the crime. While it makes for an exciting plot twist, you may wonder how realistic this scenario is. Can a lawyer get camera footage of a car crash? The answer, thankfully, is usually yes. Video evidence is a hugely important piece of information in proving negligence and shedding light on the events that took place.

Different Types of Cameras

  • Bystanders: It seems whenever an accident occurs, there’s someone nearby filming it. Whether they captured the events leading up to the crash, the aftermath, or the whole thing, the footage is likely helpful to your case.
  • Traffic Cameras: Traffic cameras capture images or videos of traffic conditions on freeways, highways, major roads, and intersections. Additionally, red-light cameras capture and monitor negligent drivers who fail to stop at a red light.
  • Business Surveillance: Most businesses install security cameras inside or around their establishment. They may have filmed the crash outside of their building or the other party’s behavior before the accident. If a drunk driver hits you, a video of him drinking at the local pub minutes before the crash will help prove negligence and impairment.
  • Doorbell Security Cameras: Security cameras such as Ring Doorbell as becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the camera’s angle, they not only record the front porch but the entire street outside.
  • Dash Cams: In California, dash cams are allowed for personal vehicles, which can be particularly useful in your case. A camera installed in your car, the at-fault driver’s car or a nearby car facing the accident can all be of use in explaining the events that led up to the crash.

Woman installing dash cam in car

The Benefits of Video

Unlike humans, a video camera is not biased and remembers everything perfectly. It acts as the ideal eyewitness and catches details that you may have missed. Footage can corroborate your explanation of the crash and disprove any inaccuracy the opposing party may suggest. It can prove negligence due to impairment, distractions, aggressive driving behavior, poor road conditions, hazards, and so on.

If there’s any possible video content your aware of, don’t hesitate to inform your attorney! Businesses may delete old footage, so we want to send them a request for footage as soon as possible. Video evidence is admissible in court as long as it is authentic, relevant, and unedited. It must support or disprove the arguments in your case, and we will review the footage to determine if it’s viable. Be warned that since you are also on camera, maintain composure and follow the proper steps to ensure everyone is safe. Ensure nothing you do or say can be miscommunicated as accepting responsibility for something that is not your fault.

Bonnici Law Group

We hope to have answered your question, “can a lawyer get camera footage of a car crash?” At Bonnici Law Group, we understand the importance and time-sensitivity of video evidence. We’ll reach out to the party in possession of the video as quickly as possible to see if we can use it in your case. Experiencing a car accident can be stressful and overwhelming, and you should never face it alone. We here to help you get the financial support you need to get back on the road to recovery. Whether you want to discuss your case or have any questions, please contact us. You can reach us by phone at (619) 259-5199 or contact us on our website for a free initial consultation to discuss your accident and case.




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