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California’s Bike-Friendly Rating by League of American Bicyclists Slips

Each year, the League of American Bicyclists rates each state based on information provided by state departments of transportation and advocacy organizations. California has long been at the forefront of this list as one of the most bicycle-friendly states. However, most recently, California lost its top rank and slipped to number four on the list.

The League of American Bicyclists grades states in five categories: Infrastructure and Funding, Education and Encouragement, Legislation and Enforcement, Policies and Planning, and Evaluation and Planning. California’s report card included lower grades in the areas of Education and Encouragement and Legislation and Enforcement. The League pointed out that California often has the most traffic deaths for pedestrians and bicyclists for various reasons. As a result, the state has a particular interest in changing the culture of safety in their state to include the needs of this demographic.

Of significant concern to the League of American Bicyclists was California Governor Newsom’s veto of S.B. 127, the Complete Streets for All Bill. This bill required Caltrans to make safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists whenever it performed road maintenance in specific areas. Caltrans reportedly grossly overstated the projected costs of this bill, which mostly led to its demise. As a result, the League of American Bicyclists awarded California the grade of “C” in the category of Legislation and Enforcement.

More specifically, the League recommends that the state repeal its mandatory bike lane law and change its law on bicyclists’ lane positions to reflect currently recommended best practices. The League also advises Caltrans to redirect its focus on creating highway/high-speed roads instead of other options that allow more flexibility in accommodating bicyclists’ needs.

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2710, 2021

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