CA Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enforcement and Education Project Launches

CA Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enforcement and Education Project Launches

A grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has funded the California Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enforcement and Education Project for one year beginning on October 1, 2018. The Project has two goals: more strictly enforce laws that affect the safety of pedestrians, bikers, and motorists and educate these same groups about their responsibilities and duties under these laws. Advocates hope that implementation of the Project will help decrease the percentage of fatal motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists, which was 29% in 2016.

With respect to the stricter enforcement of traffic laws, law enforcement officials across the state will be taking steps to more closely monitor adherence to these laws. As a result, motorists should be aware of the law requiring them to maintain at least three feet of space when passing bikers, as well as to avoid speeding and distracted driving, both of which can lead to serious accidents.

Law enforcement officials also will be watching to make sure that bicyclists are following the rules of the road. In particular, they will be ensuring that bikers ride with the flow of traffic or risk being ticketed. Bicyclists also must take care to stop at stop signs and traffic signals when required by law.

The state of California previously received this same grant back in 2014, when it distributed more than 1,000 bike helmets and other safety equipment to bike riders at events statewide. The state also provided educational materials to over 3,000 people and held various bicycling safety events. If you have suffered injuries while riding a bicycle, you may greatly benefit from calling us today and getting the advice that you need. Bonnici Law Group has the experience and knowledge that is invaluable when making a claim for compensation following a bicycle accident. When you need answers, contact Bonnici Law Group today at 619-259-5199. As we focus our efforts on bike-related personal injury cases, we know how to protect your rights and build a strong claim for compensation in your case.

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