Bicycle Maintenance Tips That May Prevent Accidents

Bicycle Maintenance Tips That May Prevent Accidents

While no maintenance routine is foolproof when it comes to bicycles, there are some simple steps that you can take to decrease your risk of bicycle accidents. For instance, you should always check your tire pressure before you ride. You also should periodically check your tire treads for excessive wear and any embedded debris. These steps can prevent you from ending up with a flat tire, which could cause you to lose control or otherwise get in an accident.

You also should periodically check the bearings for the appropriate tightness in your headset, wheels, and cranks. If you are feeling a wiggle when you test these bearings, you may need an adjustment. Otherwise, the problem can worsen over time and theoretically cause your bike to malfunction.

You should inspect and lubricate the moving parts of your bicycle regularly. If these parts aren’t well-lubricated, you cannot properly adjust your bike. A lack of adjustment can lead to problems when you are riding.

Replacing your brake pads when they become overly worn can be essential to a safe ride. If you hear a gritty scraping sound when you apply your brakes, the grooves on the pads seem to have disappeared, or the brakes seem to stick, you probably need new brake pads. An inability to break can lead to a severe accident that endangers your safety.

Generally, you should ensure that your bike has the correct number and color of reflectors. Other items that you may wish to have on your bike include a bright headlight, a rearview mirror, and a horn or bell. All these items can go a long way toward making drivers aware of your presence.

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