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Basic Steps to Take When Applying for LTD Benefits

Basic Steps to Take When Applying for LTD Benefits

Many individuals have both short-term and long-term disability benefits available to them through their employers, and others have purchased policies privately that provide them with similar coverage. If you are receiving short-term disability benefits for an illness or injury, you might assume that your long-term disability coverage will automatically kick in after short-term disability benefits end. However, even if your condition has not improved, you still need to complete the separate application process for long-term disability or LTD benefits.

First, you should get the official application for LTD benefits from your employer. In some cases, however, your employer may not furnish you with the forms that you need. In that case, you will need to contact the insurance company or claim administrator that sponsors your plan. Private policyholders will also need to contact their insurance companies to get the relevant forms or be available online.

Most applications for LTD benefits contain a section that the employee or claimant must complete. Sometimes, the insurance companies refer to this as the “Employee’s Statement.” The information that you must provide in this statement varies, but it usually includes your basic identifying information and a description of your education, job history, and current occupation. You also will need to identify the date of your illness or injury, the last date that you worked, and how your disability affects your ability to work. Finally, you will need to provide contact information for your treating physicians and any medications that you are prescribed. You may need to attach additional pages to your application to provide all the necessary information.

Your employer also must complete a statement, which usually includes your job title, job duties, date of hire, and salary. The form also may require additional information, such as the mental and physical requirements of your job, as well as other benefits and income that you are eligible to receive while you are not working.

Finally, your application must contain a supporting statement from your treating physician. This form must provide detailed information about your diagnosis and the dates and types of any treatment that you underwent. The statement should also describe your physical and mental limitations and how they might impact your workability. The doctor also should explain your prognosis and future treatment plans.

We know that you are facing disability-related legal issues that can be crucial to your future. As a result, the attorneys at Bonnici Law Group have the skills and knowledge to advise you of all potential options. We know how vital this support can be to you when you are unable to work. As a result, we are here to represent your interests throughout any dealings that you must have with your insurance company. For legal advice about your claim, please contact Bonnici Law Group at 858-261-5454 or

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