Assembly Bill 697 Seeks to Change California Bicycle Laws

Assembly Bill 697 Seeks to Change California Bicycle Laws

According to a recent CBS13 news report, pending legislation in the form of Assembly Bill 697 would make significant changes to the existing traffic laws for bicyclists. Under the bill, bicyclists would have the option of traveling either in bicycle lanes or in the right-hand lane. If the right-hand lane is wide enough for bicycles and motor vehicles to travel side-by-side, bicyclists must remain to the far right to allow other vehicles to pass, except where it is too dangerous to allow them to do so.

The bill also would permit cyclists to move into the lane to pass another bicyclist or vehicle traveling in the same direction, or to make a left-hand turn. The major exception to the rules laid out in this bill is for bicyclists riding on highways with one-way traffic. In this situation, bicyclists could ride near the left-hand curb or edge of the road.

The bill’s author, Asm. Phil Ting, a Democrat from San Francisco, proposed the bill in recognition of the fact that more and more people are using bicycles for transportation. According to Ting, the bill removes any uncertainty for both drivers and cyclists about where cyclists may ride in locations in which no bicycle lanes exist.

This proposed bill comes five years after California passed a law requiring drivers to maintain a three-foot buffer zone between themselves and cyclists. Cities in California increasingly have been installing new bicycle lanes to improve the safety of bicyclists while traveling on roads.

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