2019 Changes in Bicycling and Traffic Laws

2019 Changes in Bicycling and Traffic Laws

Along with the hundreds of other new laws that the California legislature enacted for 2019 are some laws that may directly affect bicyclists. Here are the highlights of these newly enacted laws:

  • Minors Must Wear Helmets – Minors under the age of 18 now are required to wear helmets when riding bicycles, scooters, and skateboards, as well as when skating, or receive a citation. Individuals can eliminate these tickets by completing a safety course and getting a helmet.
  • Bicycle Crashes – Bicyclists now can face felony hit-and-run charges if they leave the scene of an accident in which another has died or suffered injuries, whether on roadways or bike paths.
  • Passing Waste Services Vehicles – Drivers (and bicyclists) who are passing waste services vehicles with lights flashing must move into an adjacent lane, if possible, and pass a safe distance, or slow to a safe and reasonable speed.
  • Driver Tests and Unsecured Loads – Driver tests administered by DMV now must contain at least one question about laws related to driving with unsafe and unsecured items, which can pose hazards to other drivers, vehicle occupants, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Motorized Scooters – Riders of motorized scooters are no longer required to wear helmets. These scooters can be operated on Class IV and Class II bikeways and roads with speed limits up to 25 mph. It remains illegal to ride a motorized scooter on sidewalks.

All of these laws have the capacity to affect bicyclists in one way or another. Bicyclists must remain observant of all changes in laws that affect them, and they should remember that they are subject to the same rules of the road as drivers of motor vehicles. When bicyclists and drivers observe the law, bicycle accidents, vehicle collisions, injuries, and deaths are less likely to result. At Bonnici Law Group, we have the experience and skills needed when you have sustained injuries in a bicycle accident. Our goal is to help you recover damages from those who are responsible for your losses. Call our office at 619-259-5199 to set up an appointment to speak with us today.

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