My Insurance Company Terminated my Long-Term Disability Benefits. What Can I Do?

My Insurance Company Terminated my Long-Term Disability Benefits. What Can I Do?

It is not unusual for an insurance company that is paying long-term disability benefits to terminate benefits after a certain time period, whether there has been an improvement in the recipient’s medical conditions or not. In some cases, this termination occurs in as little as one year. Fortunately, when claimants appeal these terminations, courts also require some specific evidence of an improvement in the disabling medical conditions in order for the insurance company to terminate coverage.

In other cases, however, termination in disability benefits may come about due to language in the plan that changes the eligibility requirements for the receipt of disability benefits after some time has passed. For instance, a plan initially may condition eligibility for benefits on your inability to perform your specific job. The plan then may change those eligibility requirements after you have received benefits from one year, when the standard becomes whether you can work in any job in your profession. This is a higher standard, and, as a result, may give an insurance company grounds to terminate your benefits.

Fortunately, you are entitled to appeal the termination of long-term disability benefits. Insurance plans usually require appealing the decision through at least one administrative review process prior to filing suit in court to challenge the decision. Once your administrative remedies are exhausted, you then can file a suit against the insurance company based on the termination of your benefits. The court will review whether the insurance company improperly terminated your long-term disability benefits based on the parameters set by the plan. When you are facing an issue that is as important as the termination of your long-term disability benefits, the attorneys at Bonnici Law Group have the skills and knowledge to advise you of all potential options. We know how crucial this support can be to you when you unable to work and we are here to represent your interests throughout any dealings that you must have with your insurance company. For legal advice about your claim, please contact Bonnici Law Group at 619-259-5199 or help@bonnicilawgroup.com.

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