Common Scenarios that Result in Bicycle Accidents

Common Scenarios that Result in Bicycle Accidents

While both bicycle riders and drivers have a duty to act safely when traveling on roadways, there are situations that more commonly lead to bicycle accidents. In many cases, drivers simply do not see bicycle riders or take precautions to ensure that there are no bicyclists or other impediments in their path before they perform a certain driving maneuver. This can lead to bicycle accidents resulting in serious injuries to bicycle riders.

One of the more common scenarios that leads to bicycle accidents is when drivers attempting to turn left fail to yield to oncoming vehicles or cyclists. A driver may not see an oncoming bicyclist or misjudge the bicycle’s speed and directly collide with him or her as a result.

Another common situation that often leads to bicycle accidents is when a motor vehicle is passing a bicycle on the left and abruptly turns right, often without a turn signal. We call that a “right hook” accident, and it is unfortunately all too common. The driver places the motor vehicle directly in the path of the bicyclist, which makes a directly collision likely.

Bicycle accidents also frequently occur at intersections, such as when motorists fail to stop at red lights or stop signs. In this case, the drivers proceed into the intersections despite the oncoming traffic, including bicycle riders.

Drivers who are backing out of driveways and parking spots can fail to adequately check behind them and collide with passing bicyclists. When this occurs, bicycle riders may be unable to avoid a collision without crashing into other vehicles.

In some cases, the motorist causes a bicycle accident not by driving, but by simply opening the door to a vehicle – or being “doored” by a parked car. When vehicles are parked on the side of a street, failure to check behind them prior to opening their vehicle doors can result in a direct hit to an oncoming bicyclist. Bonnici Law Group has the experience, knowledge and reputation that you want and need when you are injured in a bike accident. We are here to help you build the strongest claim possible for compensation and obtain a positive outcome in your case. Do not hesitate to contact Bonnici Law Group at 619-259-5199 or help@bonnicilawgroup.com.

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